Remy & Friends Entertainment

Ron Remy has performed for thousands of kids and families in large settings as well as small venues. Using a diversity of visual performance skills (Ventriloquism, Juggling and Illusions) Ron takes the audience on a story telling adventure of fun and learning.

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His interactive shows become the talk of the event.

You’ll get drawn into the fun and be amazed as the puppets take on a personality of their own.

Living in Dayton Ohio for over 20 years, Ron has performed through out the tri-state area. Please call or e-mail us today and we'll be happy to discuss your next event.


  • Get drawn into the fun and be amazed as puppets take on a personality of their own and speak directly to audience members.
  • You’ll jump and gasp as a face on a drawing board comes to life with moving eyes and talking mouth.
  • A definite must see!
  • Workshop availlable


  • See Mr. Remy juggle rings, balls and clubs. (check video)
  • Enjoy the Juggling tennis match
  • See Remy eat an apple while juggling


  • His special blend of story telling and balancing skills holds the viewers full attention

  • Workshop available


  • Interactive performance combining Illusions and humor
  • See Colored silks appear from nowhere
  • A rope is cut in half and amazingly resorted while two volunteers hold it in their hands. A giant 16” needle pierces a balloon and it does not burst

Balloon Sculpting…

  • See bugs, birds, bunnies skillfully crafted before your eyes

  • A wonderful array of space helmets, silly hats and light sabers are guaranteed to please any child

  • Workshop available
  • If your event includes children, this is sure to make their day special.